Caring for someone can be tough

Carers don’t often get the support they need

Promas Online offers online training and support to help unpaid carers to deal with the challenges they face. Our courses can change carers lives. Whether its managing stress, finding coping strategies, understanding Dementia, Caring for yourself or Caring for someone with Mental Ill Health to name but a few of our courses, we can help. Our award-winning courses have been so successful in Cornwall and Plymouth that we are now offering them online to ensure that all carers can access the training, regardless of where they live or the physical and time limits that their caring role might place upon them.


Award winning courses

Our online courses are based
on award-winning classroom
training. We have a number
if different courses on offer.


Where it all began

Our courses are created by
carers for carers, based on
years of expereince of
training delivery.


Are you a carer?

Many people are carers
without even realising it. Try
our first course for free, and
find out if you are a carer.

Courses designed by carers for carers

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These courses are not pass or fail tests. Instead, they are designed to help carers to understand how they are coping and to offer tools and practical ways to help them to thrive in their role.

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